Wednesday, July 2, 2014

candy beast

beastie went to the store with his mom on an errand- and when no one was looking, stole a piece of gum. he couldn't wait to get home. the whole car ride home was torturous!

when they pulled into the driveway and his mom parked the car, he ran into his room to devour the gum. his mom couldn't understand why he was so excited. beastie never acted like this before!

mama beast left the groceries in the car and peeped into little beastie's room. she saw him devouring the gum.
she'd caught him red handed!

mama drove him straight back to the store to teach beast a lesson.

now beast pillages the couch cushions for stray nickles so he can properly pay for his treats.
that's how he spends his summer days. honestly.

he also reads.
someday he hopes to become a pastry chef.
or- drive an ice cream truck.

true story!