Tuesday, April 28, 2015

a gnome allys

I'm totally getting my dork on cause I love this photo (and I don't mean to hint at anything).
It's just that I saw it on Pinterest and went eeeee!!!  Looks like my idea of a good time- a right and proper 10. (Can you tell I've been reading uber British novels?)

But then I started scrutinizing it and saw what a jumbly conundrum it is, because she's among summer and spring flowers and yet, her gnome friends are bringing her apples & crabapples- so what season is it 'sposed to be exactly?

Something similar I experienced recently at the grocery store- there are ears of corn on sale right now, and maybe that isn't really a surprise... but corn is a thing for me, man. A particularly fall thing. Shucking it in April is a little weird!

While J's been swept away by an old world tide, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts while I work at home- probably not stuff I'd listen to if other people were around. A lot of it addresses issues such as anxiety, mindfulness, and ways to change your thinking so you can be a more productive and responsible human being.

I think about that word a lot and realize I don't always associate it with having your shit together 100% of the time.  Instead, I think of being responsible as being able to actually respond to things in a way that comes from an honest place, and at best- a place that's in line with your Self while doing what you can in a given situation. Often I theorize that the most responsible people on the planet have experienced more than their fair share of mistakes, challenges, and unpleasantry.. yet, they've somehow found ways to work through and around them, then turn it all into something good that allows them to give back.

The major wall I often surmount is a large one I've made full of worries. And while I don't want to dwell on all o'dis' for obvious reasons, I feel it's worth mentioning... because I know I'm not alone.

I love how this man states that anxiety is the result of an overactive imagination. That makes tons of sense to me.  Not only that, but it also frames my problem in a more positive light. Like, ok. I'm not using this for good right now. I have got to make something or do something that will make me feel better. I know it's a long-ass speech, (and I've listened to it twice now...) but, man.

Also, I came across this article about how important it is to both hear and tell good stories.

So in my IMAGINATION, these two are people pedaling a tandem bicycle right now, and
this picture is henceforth my totem... because while it doesn't totally make sense... for me it implies that working hard and having fun can go together...., and all the jumbly, quizzical bits would probably be best left unscrutinzed and simply enjoyed for the love of gosh.