Monday, April 6, 2015

African fruit

I've always thought it'd be nice on some planet to have fruit as a teleportation device... though... only certain fruit. Because if all fruits and veggies could teleport you to their place of origin, you'd end up somewhere different for every meal or snack. That could get confusing. Also, if it were so, you'd definitely have to eat the same things as people you'd need to stay around.

That'd be pretty weird if, at work, you had to eat the same things as your co-workers.  Just so you could all stay put.

And what about casseroles or smoothies. Yowza.

Johnathan's in Europe now, so I have this theory about produce there- that the majority of it must come from Africa. Which probably isn't true. He's going to get groceries tomorrow, so I'm going to ask. But...

Yeah.  It's still blowing my mind that he's half-way across the globe right now.