Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meri meri quite contrary

Yesterday was Earth Day and today is St. George's day. In honor of the former, I promised J a garden update. In honor of the latter- RAWR.

Well....the foxgloves are looking nicely robust. They remind me that they're utterly vulnerable and tend to look a little wilted and droopy when they need water, so...I go for the watering can and give them a good dousing- which, I'm trying not to do too much as we're mid-drought. (Being good about grey watering n'such.)

Fuschias and I have a kind of tenative relationship. We'll see.. if the other one in the pot blooms, I'll know we're on good terms again. They're super lovely to look at after the sun goes down. Very glowy. I haven't seen any hummingbirds visit them yet, but that's ok because Oso's been in beast mode.

Parisian blue skies/forget-me-nots seem kind of shy this year. There are only a few blooms and they're mostly hiding under their leaves. I think the sun is coming for them though, so we'll see what happens next month. Next to them are wisteria and the bleeding hearts (which show no sign of having survived my landlord's workmen's stompings), as well as the blue sweet pea shoots. So this is kind of a sad & blue corner.. but there are primroses (not pictured) cheering it up!

Look at this feller! I thought he was dead. (Mr. Monk's hood, from the botanical garden's plant sale.) Eeeee! Nopenopenope.

Miss Gardenia is getting ready...she's like a southern debutante. I'm so excited! She's even opened a little more since I took this photo yesterday evening. Slowwwwly. There've been bugs on her innermost parts, so I've been spraying her occasionally with neem. She doesn't seem to mind because I think she likes having her leaves glossy and wet on occasion. Also, some mornings when I've made coffee, I've straight up taken the french press out filled with water and grounds and given her a little morning juice. So we essentially end up having coffee together.

Thennnn,,,,these guys (Australian violets) are spreading evvvverywhere inside the raised bed. I went out and drew them in my old photo album yesterday evening.. and today, when I went out to run an errand I stopped on the sidewalk to look at this little patch of succulents that had a cute little fence made out of sticks around them.  When I looked further behind, there was a large mound absolutely covered with them. I was like, oh hi guys!

I planted Empress of India nasturtiums among them which are just now coming up. I hope the violets don't mind much. Hopefully she won't be a haughty neighbor and they'll get along alright.

Andd! That is it for now. Oso's parked his butt on my forearm so I'm going to stop typing. Happy belated Earth Day!