Thursday, April 30, 2015

Postcard exchange

It's super nice out and I really just want to be outside in the sun walking around, instead of working on what I've been attempting to finish up here- the background to my paper theater. My circulation is and always has been notoriously bad- that sounds totally old ladyish... but... I've been making a point to partake in a brisk constitutional every day.  Everyone's gardens are bursting at the seems with blooms and bees and there are tons of cabbage white butterflies flitting about. I like to try to count their spots if they stay still long enough: two's a lady, one's a manfly.

J & I have been exchanging postcards. Here is his of a cloister garden in the town where he lives- the main tourist attraction there. I hope he doesn't mind me showing his... 'cause I am loving this, and hope we can keep it up!  He told me shortly after arriving that one of the first things he noticed were that the birds sounded really different there.  He also went on to describe a strange bird he saw from his window. I thought it might be a magpie and looked it up. Yes. Apparently there's a lot of lore surrounding them too.  People like to address the lone ones especially by wishing them a good day and asking about their wife and kids. This is supposed to ensure good luck and abate the bad, so I let Johnathan know. Here he is about to fly across the world!

Hope you have a happy May Day weekend full of bees and blooms and lucky things!