Wednesday, January 6, 2016


You know, no year is ever 'easy'. But likes aside, this was a pretty good year.
I love my friends.

(you too, imaginary ones!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Right now I'm on vacation until Friday, and after two months of 'nose to the grindstone'.. having free time makes me feel restless. I do so like sleeping in in the morning, however. That's nice. And we're getting 'pummeled' by El Nino right now. Which honestly feels more like a lighthearted fist bump than anything dramatic. So rainy, cold, and I have a sore bummer-of-a-throat. It's very scratchy and I keep wanting to have something to soothe it other than gross cough drops/phlem.


Allow me to furtherly inspire you with this blog post.

*scratches both armpits*

The fact that I'm lying around listless and don't feel like doing anything- very irksome. But then I'm like, self- you're kinda sick and you just had a crazy month or two, so.... rest.

Uggggh rest is so boring.

I cannot tell you how dangerous I would be right now had I a car. I would be out in the wildernesses on some trail sketching fungi in the mist. Fighting off cougars and mountain lions. Cha'.

Instead I'm home contemplating how fun it might be to hang out with...Jim Carrey? :-/

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stranger in strange lands

It's been over two weeks since coming home from Europe. Everytime I leave California, I panic beforehand... then when I'm away, I always get a little wistful and homesick for it.

Coming back and walking around Oakland felt strange. At first I was totally elated that I could now talk to anyone and everyone. I know the birds, the trees... the people I buy pastries and coffee from in the morning. It's been so good to see friendly, familiar faces! But going back to the daily grind has admittedly been a bit of a shock for me. I felt a little better when Beth told me earlier this week that getting depressed after a trip is a fairly common occurrence. Hearing that was such a relief.

It's like needing flowers- needing enchantment... enchantment on the daily, somehow?

I 'spose one does come home wanting to make your little corner of the world more magical...