Monday, April 6, 2015

African fruit

I've always thought it'd be nice on some planet to have fruit as a teleportation device... though... only certain fruit. Because if all fruits and veggies could teleport you to their place of origin, you'd end up somewhere different for every meal or snack. That could get confusing. Also, if it were so, you'd definitely have to eat the same things as people you'd need to stay around.

That'd be pretty weird if, at work, you had to eat the same things as your co-workers.  Just so you could all stay put.

And what about casseroles or smoothies. Yowza.

Johnathan's in Europe now, so I have this theory about produce there- that the majority of it must come from Africa. Which probably isn't true. He's going to get groceries tomorrow, so I'm going to ask. But...

Yeah.  It's still blowing my mind that he's half-way across the globe right now.

Monday, March 2, 2015

woods haus

I can't care about things being perfect anymore. I drew this when I was at work waiting for a couple to fill out a form for a wedding consultation I was about to do-  kind of wishful doodling because, always, I think... I'd honestly rather be out in the woods somewheres.

All in all, I've gotten better at doing my job there and it's fine.  I like working and helping people.

But sometimes stuff leaves me feeling really bummed out about it.  People can get so stressed and as a result- petty and rude behavior goes on. I'm trying to be better at dealing with this... but, when people get unreasonable, I really can't just shut up.

Also, my co-workers have made remarks about how I spend my 'free' time, which is 'drawing pretty pictures'.

I don't talk about it, but... I feel like I'm always working and feeling fairly frustrated. I often don't know what I'm doing, exactly, nor how I'm going to actually succeed... or if success is actually the aim here. Not to mention along the way- making countless personal sacrifices.

It's hardly romantic.

Reality can be so harsh sometimes.... it all really hit home for me last year when I went back to my mom's house in Indiana.  I've been gone for over ten years and I'm missing from every family photo. I barely know my nieces and nephews. Pretty much- I'm a stranger in my own family, having missed so much that's been important.

I know I'm happier here though, and it helps to remember that. Sometimes I have anxiety dreams where I'm back there- as if I never left or had to move back for some reason.. I'll be back there feeling something's intensely wrong but trying to make it work, all the while knowing I'm really supposed to be here in California. It's a horrible feeling.

I think a lot of my world really is battling an enormous amount of uncertainty... but I'm grateful that I now have tools to combat all the stuff that bothers me.  Making 'pretty pictures' is just one of those things that helps and reassures me, somewhat...

What else is there to say, except that- after everything I've been though, I have a lot of compassion for other people who are sensitive (which is good) and have put up with this time-wasting crap... and that things aren't always what they seem now, are they?

I'm going to go do something else now.
Something happy-making.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January was...

Cabin shenanigans w/ friends I've barely seen all year (even though I'm still convinced that cabin was haunted).

Sweeping through Cottage Grove, OR & Portland for the weekend.
Re-reading Opal.
Seeing Raina randomly at the art museum totally geeked me out & made the trip.

'Watchd a barred owl in the Pioneer Cemetary.
Nearly got pushed off a cliff while hiking in Macleay park.

Started a new wee sketchbook.

Cleaning, gleaning, & organizing-  ain't no joke.  Got rid of mondo stuff, made room for new.

Made lists. (One list is called my "Hairy Balls" list. The other list is stuff I like doing, which I can only do if I do something on hairy balls.)

Got ramen with Aleks & John and the Mama.
Saw Beth & Jeff briefly after they ate allota cheese. We listened to

Milli Vanilli

Got a duck dress.

Gave myself a home haircut. So it's short and slightly crooked. But ok.

Rode Rosey to Berkeley and back for community accupuncture sessions. (Love accupuncture!)

Listened to First Aid Kit.

Watched all four seasons of The IT Crowd & some of Comedy Comedy Bang Bang.
Got a wee crush on Reggie Watts.
Ate alotta dumplings and vegetables.

What didjooo do?


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little free library

It's my plan for a Little Free Library.

Do you know these things and do you have one in your neighborhood?
There's a couple here that I check on occasion.

Mainly one in front of a Victorian house painted a dark dark chocolately color. Their library's out front.  Most of the time, the books are of no interest to me and tend to sit there- but every once in awhile....

It got me thinking about what my library might look like. Apparently it'd have a pumpkin light, mushroom handles, and a little seperate door-compartment for something small and surprising. Maybe a teeny theater with a scene illustrated from a book.

I think I'd put a bench by it too, and plant some kind of bush nearby that'd smell nice.

I have lots of ideas, but they're fairly difficult to execute, y'know.
Probably because it's not their time.  That's probably super cryptic... Well.

In order to make my library,
ideally... I'd not be renting and living across the street from a high school.
That sorta thing.

But I thought I'd share it anyway 'cause it's Halloween-y.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

vagina goat

Remember not to skip visits with you ladyparts doctor.  This public service announcement was brought to you by Vagina Goat.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Oso pain in th' butt

He's the sweetest...and has been keeping me the best company this weekend after being sick on the darned couch.  I had a Robin Williams marathon and realized I can actually cook for myself fairly decently in this state, given that I'm not nauseous.    It's all about those small victories, man.

Anyway, I am feeling much better and Oso can nap where he pleases.

Most of the time....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sphinx boat

Sphinx boat will take you anywhere you want to go. Simply answer a riddle before boarding, then inform him about your desired destination- also, in riddle form.  Hopefully she'll understand. Otherwise he'll turn around and eat you. Or you'll end up, who knows where.

Monday, July 14, 2014

pizza cake delivery!

Johnathan turned 31 and requested I make him a pizza cake. I was a little daunted, but after a late night- it became a delicious reality. 

What does an imaginary turkey have to do with a pizza cake?
Ask Jeff.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

couscous spirit

One of the ladies at work showed me a picture of a cake today that resembled someone's innards, with the caption "Do you have the guts to eat this cake?" 
No, I donut.

But I had the guts to eat couscous for dinner.
All because the couscous spirit came to me, and gave me the strength.

Thanks, couscous spirit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a fortune teller & tight rope walker

candy beast

beastie went to the store with his mom on an errand- and when no one was looking, stole a piece of gum. he couldn't wait to get home. the whole car ride home was torturous!

when they pulled into the driveway and his mom parked the car, he ran into his room to devour the gum. his mom couldn't understand why he was so excited. beastie never acted like this before!

mama beast left the groceries in the car and peeped into little beastie's room. she saw him devouring the gum.
she'd caught him red handed!

mama drove him straight back to the store to teach beast a lesson.

now beast pillages the couch cushions for stray nickles so he can properly pay for his treats.
that's how he spends his summer days. honestly.

he also reads.
someday he hopes to become a pastry chef.
or- drive an ice cream truck.

true story!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

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