Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little free library

It's my plan for a Little Free Library.

Do you know these things and do you have one in your neighborhood?
There's a couple here that I check on occasion.

Mainly one in front of a Victorian house painted a dark dark chocolately color. Their library's out front.  Most of the time, the books are of no interest to me and tend to sit there- but every once in awhile....

It got me thinking about what my library might look like. Apparently it'd have a pumpkin light, mushroom handles, and a little seperate door-compartment for something small and surprising. Maybe a teeny theater with a scene illustrated from a book.

I think I'd put a bench by it too, and plant some kind of bush nearby that'd smell nice.

I have lots of ideas, but they're fairly difficult to execute, y'know.
Probably because it's not their time.  That's probably super cryptic... Well.

In order to make my library,
ideally... I'd not be renting and living across the street from a high school.
That sorta thing.

But I thought I'd share it anyway 'cause it's Halloween-y.