Saturday, January 31, 2015

January was...

Cabin shenanigans w/ friends I've barely seen all year (even though I'm still convinced that cabin was haunted).

Sweeping through Cottage Grove, OR & Portland for the weekend.
Re-reading Opal.
Seeing Raina randomly at the art museum totally geeked me out & made the trip.

'Watchd a barred owl in the Pioneer Cemetary.
Nearly got pushed off a cliff while hiking in Macleay park.

Started a new wee sketchbook.

Cleaning, gleaning, & organizing-  ain't no joke.  Got rid of mondo stuff, made room for new.

Made lists. (One list is called my "Hairy Balls" list. The other list is stuff I like doing, which I can only do if I do something on hairy balls.)

Got ramen with Aleks & John and the Mama.
Saw Beth & Jeff briefly after they ate allota cheese. We listened to

Milli Vanilli

Got a duck dress.

Gave myself a home haircut. So it's short and slightly crooked. But ok.

Rode Rosey to Berkeley and back for community accupuncture sessions. (Love accupuncture!)

Listened to First Aid Kit.

Watched all four seasons of The IT Crowd & some of Comedy Comedy Bang Bang.
Got a wee crush on Reggie Watts.
Ate alotta dumplings and vegetables.

What didjooo do?