Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Time to time travel

Wedding season, graduations, Mother's Day (not to mention the occasional baby shower), ... I'm realizing all over again what an insane month May is at work right now.  Not that I don't like busy. I kind of love and thrive on busy. But when it gets to be consecutive days with no let-up, it all catches up with me in the end. Which is what's happening now. I've been a total couch potato.

Here are some things that have been getting me through:
(If you've ever played Settler's of Catan or thought you'd want to come back in another life as an experimental archaeologist....)

Two gents and a lady work on building a medieval castle somewheres in France. Most people working on castles had mad skills and actually traveled around quite a bit.  Watch what they do with the little they've got. Amazing.

Same sentiment, same three people- only this time, they're working a medieval farm with a beautiful Tudor cottage.  My favorite is Ruth. You can tell she's totally in her element (except when she fishes for eels. Hehe) 

What I noticed when watching this is how simple and gorgeous their lives are. They just seem to reflect and belong to their surroundings in a way we totally don't right now. One scene where this really struck me showed Ruth walking in to the little chapel with red ochre murals in her red ochre dress- that's what I mean. Everything and everyone fits. (I suppose it's easy to look back and think of things idealistically, though. No bathing? No thank you.)

Michael Wood is the man. (I watched his "In Search of Shakespeare" too, but can't find it on youtube anymore- also ties into the whole Tudor Monastary Farm series if you can find it... but!) I was telling Beth about this and how the tale is associated with the Sutton Hoo treasure. (It's crazy how that treasure was found. The story is told here!)

Didn't everyone have to read Beowulf in high school? Apparently not.   

If you can find "In Search of Shakespeare" too- watch it! So good!