Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stranger in strange lands

It's been over two weeks since coming home from Europe. Everytime I leave California, I panic beforehand... then when I'm away, I always get a little wistful and homesick for it.

Coming back and walking around Oakland felt strange. At first I was totally elated that I could now talk to anyone and everyone. I know the birds, the trees... the people I buy pastries and coffee from in the morning. It's been so good to see friendly, familiar faces! But going back to the daily grind has admittedly been a bit of a shock for me. I felt a little better when Beth told me earlier this week that getting depressed after a trip is a fairly common occurrence. Hearing that was such a relief.

It's like needing flowers- needing enchantment... enchantment on the daily, somehow?

I 'spose one does come home wanting to make your little corner of the world more magical...